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kicking off with rice pudding. and rice pudding. and rice pudding…

As if there were any doubt, sorting through my grandmother’s collection of recipes over the Labor Day holiday with my cousin, Jennifer [more on that here] certainly proved one thing: she was definitely a lover of desserts. Here she is in one of my favorite photos at my cousin, Lauren and Erik’s wedding in 2008.

Doesn’t that cake look irresistible? So, last weekend, we had piles of recipes spread out across the floor. First, we had 2 stacks: savories and sweets. The sweets pile just kept growing and we finally started dividing it into categories like cakes, cookies, pies, and puddings. Organizing them into logical categories led to matching many duplicates as well. It started to feel like the game we played as kids where you have to match cards by turning over pairs. You’d flip a card and if the image on the next card you flip matches the first card, you remove them from the pool. So, Jennifer and I were sitting among piles of puddings which then turned into a small pile of rice puddings, each a different version. In total, there were 6 documented rice pudding formulas. I suppose some were her original creations and others were probably gathered from family and friends.

Not impressed with 6 versions of practically the same dish? Well, I have a feeling that what we found is an incomplete collection. It’s possible there’s a version 7 hiding in the back of a drawer or stashed into an old notebook somewhere. We didn’t come across her meatball, pasta dough, ravioli meat, or many of her other fabulous Italian goodies. However, I know for sure someone around here has a copy. So, in addition to transcribing what we found- we’ll still be doing some digging for some of the greats that we didn’t discover in her boxes. For my bridal shower last year, she gave me her delicious braciole recipe, so I’ll definitely be sharing that here as well. It will take a while to really fill this site up, but I’ll be sprinkling in some other family favorites along the way. Josh’s grandmother had some real treasures, too [the other night I made her famous chocolate chip cake for the first time and it was oh, so good].

So, in round 1 of rice puddings, we have: ‘Heavenly Rice’That’s the old Scranton area code. Don’t think this company featured on the letterhead is still around. Out of curiosity, a quick google search turns up Keystone Community Resources, Inc. for this address. Well, perhaps “the idea people” at HDR moved their 30,000+ imprinted promotional products to another location. Could be. Anyway, back to the good stuff:

So yeah, she wasn’t big on details here. I like to imagine she was just jotting this down for the sake of tracking the ingredients. She knew in her head how many servings you’d get, how long to cook the rice and at what temperature, and any other little direction you’d expect on a legit foodie website or in your go-to cookbook. Well, you don’t get that this time. As soon as I take a stab at recreating this oh-so-heavenly rice, I’ll fill you in on the details that I experiment with.

Nonetheless, taking her awesome collection that has the soft scent of old newspaper and typing it up to share with you is my attempt at preserving Gram’s favorite dishes and the special memories attached to them.

Now it’s your turn. Let me know in the comments if you give this a shot and give me the scoop on how it turned out. Feel free to contact me if you have a family favorite to share or if you are one of the detectives who has come across a yummy recipe from my Gram.




One thought on “kicking off with rice pudding. and rice pudding. and rice pudding…

  1. Sarah – what a wonderful tribute to Gram. She would have loved all of the commentary that you have added to make each recipe special. Actually, the recipe made with ice cream came from Uncle Jeff’s mom, Betty Weinerth. This sweet treat is kid tested and approved as Jeffrey had his 1st taste of sugar with this yummy desert at 18 months. According to Gramie Betty, ” It was like putting a tiger in the tank”. Jeffrey ran rings around her for about an hour afterward. Thanks for preserving all of the wonderful memories and family time that we had together. Love Aunt Freda

    Posted by Freda Weinerth | September 14, 2011, 5:02 pm

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